David Justin

updated 9/29/14


Thanks for visiting my personal web page. 

Here you will find information about my work and my process as a creative artist.

I don’t sit still for long so visit once in a while.  Like dance, this web site will be ephemeral.  One minute something is there - and then it is gone.

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American Repertory Ensemble

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UT Austin, Dep. of Theatre and Dance.




The most difficult things are often the ones most worth achieving.

Past Events


April 25, 2013 - Dance Repertory Theatre - David Justin and Charles O. Anderson directors: “the dancers were a community, in that moment, bound by devotion to the work and to each other.”  Read the full review


With American Repertory Ensemble's Fast Approaching Swiftly Gone, director David Justin displayed a poetic sensibility. Read the full review


"Oblivion's Ink," by Justin ... kept me paying close attention. Read the full review

View My Choreography

Oblivion’s Ink (2012)http://youtu.be/iTWaFlZzcDA
Quiver (2013)http://vimeo.com/81533028
Serenade (2010)http://vimeo.com/61558248

Coming Soon (video):

Fear Knot (2013)


Quiver is selected for performances at the Kennedy Center June 5, 2014